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3. Combo Dumpling

Wonton soup + one choice of dumpling + small General Tao chicken
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6. Meal for Two

One choice of dumpling + one choice of fried noodles / rice + Taiwanese...
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5. Family Combo

Wonton soup + spring rolls (3 pcs) + one choice of General Tao chicken,...
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7. Family Combo

Spring Rolls (6 pcs) + garden salad wafu + dumpling super mix + one choice...
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4. Dumplings Super Mix (20 mcx)

4. Dumplings Super Mix (20 pcs)

20 pieces of dumpling chef choice mix and steamed
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1. Midi Express Combo

One choice of dumpling + spring roll + small salad + soft drink
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2. Combo Nouilles Sautées

2. Fried Noodles Combo

Wonton soup + one choice of fried noodles + small sesame beef